April Fools!  Anyone who knows construction understands what I am feeling.  First we thought we would reopen in December, then February, and most certainly April.  But as permits, pipes, and permissions go things are taking longer than we wish.  I almost hate to post a new opening date, let’s just leave it as “WE ARE OPENING” soon.  Like us on Facebook, we will be posting progress pictures  as well as the formal GRAND OPENING announcement.  (and for a little opening day hint:  we will be  hosting the 8th grade graduation party at Cameez on June 2).

Dillon & Frisco Colorado Frozen Yogurt

today’s flavors

Lemon Italian Ice
Salty Caramel
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Very Berry
Dillon & Frisco Colorado Ice Cream


Do you miss the DQ Blizzard?
Try Cameez Craze!
With real soft serve ice cream.

Dillon & Frisco Colorado Smoothies


Fresh Fruit & Real Fruit Juice!
Add an energy supplement
Thicken w/low cal frozen yogurt
Perfect meal replacement.

Dillon & Frisco Colorado Soup Bar

soup of the day

Cameez will offer 3 “Cameez Made Soups”. All Gluten Free.

Dillon & Frisco Colorado Crepe Cafe

featured crepe

Our lunch crepes are more than a crepe, think of it as a sandwich on low calorie flat bread. Loaded with veggies, and meat. We even have a gluten free option.

Dillon & Frisco Colorado Coffee Shop


Dillon has a downtown coffee shop! Lattes, mochas, and more. Hot, iced, or blended!