Today’s Pre-made Sundaes

NEW! Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Jolly Rancher ( Italian ice)

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Sprinkle Swirl Ice Cream

Carmel Chunk Ice Cream

Butterfinger Ice Cream

Chocolate Cheesecake Ice cream

Kit Kat Ice cream

Neapolitan Ice cream

Smores Ice cream

Oreo Ice cream

Heath Ice cream


Cameez is unique because we are a  “self-serve” “soft-serve”  ice cream shop.  Many shops like ours weigh your creation, but here at Cameez you choose your size bowl and then pay a basic price.  You then have the freedom to fill that bowl however your cravings desire.  Add the ice cream or frozen yogurt, and choose from over 40 toppings to create the perfect ice cream treat.